Hair: Irish Red    Eyes: Green/Blue  Height: 5-5 ½       



Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Kandi Lee is as fiery and fierce as a blade forged in fire. Born in Los Angeles, CA, her father noticed how spectacular his daughter's vocal range was at a very young age. He eagerly wanted her to share his love of Country music, but she was not moved by it.  It was not until she heard another artist sing with the same passion and raw emotion as her, that she finally understood her father’s dream for her. That voice – the voice of Patsy Cline, was the voice that resonated and set the tone for her future in music.  


As a child, her radio streamed the sounds of powerhouse singers such as Aretha Franklin, Wynonna Judd, and Karen Carpenter. Kandi Lee poured all her energy towards one day recording an album of her own.  She spent most of her childhood in Europe attending German schools and traveling with her talent across the globe, performing live on television and radio. At 26, Kandi Lee moved to "Music City" to take her music career more seriously. Nashville, TN, marked the ground for her footprint in the industry and the magic milestone of becoming a mom. 


This new responsibility was a gift. Kandi Lee knew she only had one opportunity to become the mother her child deserved. She put her recording dreams on hold and rerouted her family of two, to Las Vegas, NV, to be closer to the family. In 2004, with a vast sense of duty and purpose, Kandi Lee had the vision to embark upon a new venture. She looked at her bank account and saw $1.11 to her name. She took the $1.11 and placed it in an envelope under her pillow. This reality initiated a paradigm shift once again in her purpose and vision. She refused to allow herself to be limited by her bank account or circumstances.


Kandi Lee went on to create the One-Eleven Network, where she became a personal and professional development coach. Through leadership, speaking, training and business strategy consulting, the One-Eleven Network empowers individuals and organizations with the tools and mindset to take both personal and professional results to the next level. Despite all the awards and recognition won over the years, Kandi Lee's greatest accomplishment has been reaching these goals as a single mompreneur.


Her path came full circle when she took her talents back to the stage when her voice caught the ear of widely recognized Grammy-winning Producer Jeffrey Weber. Kandi Lee had been actively auditioning throughout Los Angeles but kept facing Producers in pursuit of the next "Disney Star." Weber though... heard her vocals and knew this was a voice as unique as the singer behind it. But, more importantly, he recognized the passion, commitment, and dedication to her craft that Kandi Lee exhibited. Together with an enviable assemblage of mind-boggling all-star musicians and vocalists, they have recorded her life story and created an album, "Dirty Little Secret.” Kandi Lee's vocals took on a unique style reminiscent of her favorite heroines.


Kandi Lee released the "Dirty Little Secret" single on Sexual Assault Awareness Day 2018, reinforcing a message near and dear to Kandi Lee's now public journey. Written over the course of two years, the album stands as an anthem for social justice. Each track plays an emotional part of her history, addressing inequality and misogynistic imprudence that was once acceptable in our society.


In addition to launching No More Entertainment Records with Weber, the duo is now in the thick of producing "Rise Up With Me,” a transformational music-based talent competition. Never before has a music competition program woven true music mentorship with personal development into its show format, providing coaching and support to fuel emotions that generate a legitimate transformation in contestants. Rather than being a typical reality show chock-full of drama, "Rise Up With Me" will be a movement that provokes universal change and possibility. 


A self-proclaimed "HAVE TO" Artist, Kandi Lee represents the like-minded inspiration and empowerment behind Hollywood's #TimesUp, #MeToo, #NoMore, and #WhyWeWearBlack movement. She knows it's never late to the join the party and also knows the best way to deliver her message is through music.


Experience: (Featured)

The One-Eleven Network- The Kandi Lee TV Show
The Morning Show AZ-TV -7 - HG TV
CNBC The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch- KVBC – LV - 
Healthy U TV Show – Cox Television - AZ  KSVY-Sonoma - 
Healthy U TV Show – KUIK-AM 1360 - V101.1. 
Armed Forces Radio and TV – West Germany  Sparks the Frame – 
Featured Armed Forces Production Grease – Starring Role of Sandy – West Germany
The National Anthem - Knoxville Cherokee Hockey Playoffs, The Phoenix Suns NBA – Las Vegas, Nevada, Sacramento, CA, Nashville, TN, Seattle, WA, Ramstein, West Germany, Kaiserslautern, West Germany
Miss Universe Pageant Las Vegas - Celebrity Guest, 
Harley Davidson – Grand Opening Model
Las Vegas Caesars Palace Roman Princess, 
Las Vegas/Reno/Laughlin Legends in Concert – Reba McIntire and Patsy Cline
Miss Northern California
1st Runner-Up – Miss California
1st American Fasching Princess – Ramstein Village, West Germany
Farrington Productions Regular Performer-Misc. Venues - Las Vegas, 
Various Modeling jobs including Hosting, Speaking. Freeze Modeling and Print Modeling: Las Vegas


Print: (Featured)
Local, regional and national print publishing featured credits include:  The American Cities Business Journals, LPI Multimedia Inc., Impact Magazine, Scottsdale-at-Work Magazine, Broker International, Airpark News, WomensPost.ca, Get Image Ready Magazine, featured article in More.com.


Vocal Training: 
Mrs. Walker Vocal Coach – Kaiserslautern, West Germany
Sacramento and San Francisco State University– Music Major
Connie Cox – INTERNALIONALLY ACCLAIMED Vocal Coach – San Francisco, CA 


Personal Growth Training to Include: Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith, Deepak Choprah, Mary Mannin-Morrisey, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, PSI Seminars - 20 years experience speaking, coaching and corporate training.

Professional Speaking/Events:


Multiple awards including: Count Me In: Make Mine A Million Dollar Business Award; the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Sterling Award and a finalist for the Greater Phoenix Area Chamber of Commerce Athena Award. 1st American Fasching Princess – Kaiserslautern- West Germany.  1st American Graduate from Ramstein Vochhochschule-Ramstein, West Germany - Miss Northern California-1st Runner – Up Miss California.